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This Soundcloud playlist highlights some of the game soundtracks I composed over the years.

Please note that the only place they are available for purchase and/or download is here.

I composed the earlier soundtracks for the game Battle Mech Frontier, developed by Nox Aquila. It is soon to be released on Steam.


Click here to visit its Steam page.

This is my first work as a composer for a short film. It is called The Young Folks and was directed by Leo Maino

Scenario, storyline and soundtrack were all based on a song that carries the name of the movie.

You can listen to the full album either on Spotify or Deezer.

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About myself


Despite being a graduate in Digital Game Development, my focus over the last five years has been on soundtrack writing for games and short films, while deepening my musical knowledge.

In addition to working on soundtracks, I am a professional bassist and currently formed a tribute group for legendary guitarist Pat Metheny. I also perform in the only active 'Steely Dan' and 'Yes' tribute groups located in Brazil.


Below is a video of me playing with the Steely Dan tribute band:



If you wish to contact me, please write me at vnipote@gmail.com or use the form to the right.

Contact info

E-mail:            vnipote@gmail.com

Phone:            +55 11 996975711

Discord:          Bottino#0799

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